Let THE Dinghy Davit work for you!

A pivoting hydraulic platform specially designed to mount a personal watercraft, dinghy or any other watercraft at the back of a boat.
In addition to offering exceptional access to water.

Under-Platform | Zodiak

Under-Platform | Beach Club

Hammock | Beach Club

Fast, Efficient and Effortless

An exceptional product for direct access to your personal watercraft or dinghy or other.
Wherever you are, make the most of your nautical leisure with THE Dinghy Davit.



A lift in less than 15 seconds


A fully cleared platform and new direct access to the water


A lift activated by remote control

The Company

The engineering firm behind the products and accessories, THE Dinghy Davit fills the gap in solutions for transporting nautical toys.

Our Goal:
Simplify actions
Speed up the process
Reduce physical exertion

THE Dinghy Davit is the result of CAD drawings and FEA computer strength tests.

All designed from aerospace grade aluminum and premium stainless steel. The platform is then covered with a baked paint. By THE Dinghy Davit’s unique design is self-supporting and will not affect the rigidity of your platform.

It’s now simple, easy and safe to transport your personal watercraft and dinghy during your boat trips.

THE Dinghy Davit effortlessly puts your water toys in the water in less than 15 seconds.

The vision behind THE Dinghy Davit: Ingenuity at the service of your well-being, your passion for water.