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Is it possible to have two ladders, one on each side?
Yes, you can have a ladder on each side.
How do you store the ladder, would you fold it under the dinghy somehow?
It is folded under the Beach Club.
Do you have a product that is pet friendly, like a ladder with a step/ramp that the ladder would fold-up 90 degrees halfway down or something?
We are currently working on new pet friendly products.
Can your products be installed in the USA?
Yes, we ship worldwide.
Is it possible to purchase your products in Europe?
Yes, we ship worldwide.
What materials are used for the dinghy davit?
Our products are made with 316 stainless steel, T6 aerospace grade aluminium and coated with baked-on paint.
What's the weight limit when standing on the Beach Club platform?
The weight limit is 1,000 pounds.
What is the dinghy weight limit?
The dinghy weight limit is 825 pounds.
Can we customize the sea deck platform with our boat name graphic?
Yes, we can send you the design plate and you can coordinate the work with your local dealer.
Do the hammock arms come off when not in use?
Yes, it takes a couple seconds to take them off.

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